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US Investment in Burma Remains Modest Since Sanctions Were Lifted

Investment from the United States since Washington lifted economic sanctions in 2012 remains small at US$243 million, a report said.

The figure is no higher than US investment recorded in 2001, according to Naypyidaw’s Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) quoted by Eleven Media.


The Irrawaddy Business Roundup

Burma e-Visa Reduces Queues, But Remains ‘Cumbersome’

 A new electronic application system introduced to try to speed up visa applications for tourists visiting Burma is “cumbersome and slow,” a travel trade newspaper said.

 An online visa buying system was introduced this week for visitors from 40 countries, but an application still takes five days and is obtainable only for tourists arriving in the country at Rangoon’s airport, said TTR Weekly in Bangkok.


Thai-Backed Power Plants in Burma Face ‘Difficulties’ Getting Coal

Thai students protest a proposed power plant in western Thailand’s Samut Songkram in September 2007. In the face of public opposition to coal power at home, Thai companies are looking to Burma to build plants. (Photo: Reuters)

Proposals by Thailand-based companies to build large coal-burning power plants in Burma might prove hard to implement because of logistical difficulties in delivering adequate fuel supplies, an industry newspaper said.


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