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Foreign investment in Myanmar up 24 pct in 4 months of FY 2013-14

Contracted foreign investment in Myanmar amounted to 1.77 billion U.S. dollars in the first four months (April-July) of the fiscal year 2013-14, up 26 percent or 0. 37 billion dollars, an official said here Friday.


Qatari firm to beef up Myanmar telco service

Qatari telecommunication giant Ooredoo on Friday pledged to introduce “affordable” phone services to Myanmar next year, as it pumps $15 billion into one of the world’s few remaining frontier mobile markets.


Burma’s busy black economy ‘threatens reforms’

It can be as small as a mobile phone, as long as a felled teak tree, or as bulky as a four-door sedan. The size of the goods doesn’t seem to matter in Burma’s thriving black market economy.
Someone somewhere is simply turning a blind eye or taking a bribe to help keep the illegal cross-border trade—worth tens of millions of dollars—in operation.


South Korea to provide technical aid to Myanmar

The Republic of Korea will provide technical assistance to small and medium enterprises involved in energy, construction and manufacturing, according to the reports from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITEC) will survey and make an assessment to provide technical assistance enterprises involved in oil and gas, construction, ship yards, power plants and environmental conservation.


Myanmar business dealings still opaque

The U.S. government is called on to ensure companies working in Myanmar are fully transparent, EarthRights International said.
The group, working on behalf of human rights and the environment, said it helped draft a letter to President Obama, calling on him to ensure companies investing in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, are "complete and forthcoming" in their transactions.


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