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TrueVisions signs exclusive deal with Disney – offers Disney free to all subscribers

•    Almost 2 million subscribers to get Disney Channel added free to their packages

•    Launches high definition channel for kids – ‘Disney XD’

•    All three Disney channels in Thailand to be localized


TrueVisions, Thailand’s leading pay TV operator, and The Walt Disney Company, Southeast Asia, today are proud to announce the signing of an exclusive deal for the launch of a high-definition channel for kids, Disney XD, the addition of Disney Channel to all TrueVisions subscriber packages at no extra charge to subscribers, and the localisation of all three Disney channels in Thailand, including Disney Channel, Disney XD, and Disney Junior, all will be make available in the last quarter.


Our exclusive deal with the owners of the world’s greatest family and kids programming franchise aims to strengthen TrueVisions’ position as the leader in quality programming in Thailand.
In addition to securing the exclusive rights to this content, we are also committing to make the Disney Channel available, at no extra cost, to every one of our almost two million subscribers, in all packages, effective in the last quarter of this calendar year.   

It is the first time in Thai pay TV history that such a major brand is being included in every subscriber package.

As part of the deal signed with The Walt Disney Company SEA, TrueVisions is also introducing a high-definition channel for kids, Disney XD.


This is a part of our promise to double the number of high-definition channels we offer, within September of this year.  Disney XD is a mix of live-action and animated programming for kids aged 6-to-14 years, and is the newest brand in Disney channel’s portfolio includes in TrueVisions Platinum HD and Gold HD package.

The third important piece of news that I have is that Disney Channel, Disney XD, and Disney Junior will all be localised for Thailand, so that their content will be in Thai, and the programming will be designed specifically for Thai viewers.

In addition, we are also including, free of charge, Disney Junior in the TrueVisions Platinum HD, Super Family and Super Knowledge package.

Disney Junior airs programming for kids, aged 2-to-7 years, and their parents and caregivers, featuring animated and live-action programming which blends Disney’s storytelling and characters with learning.

We know that subscribers throughout Thailand are very sensitive to price, but they also look for value and quality.  Our strategy for long term leadership in this sector is therefore built on three pillars.

The first is to ensure that we have superior content.  Our deal, today, helps to ensure that we have an unrivalled offering to subscribers. We will unveil many more new, world-class channels across many genres during this year as part of strengthening this strategic pillar of offering our subscribers truly superior content and programming.


Our second pillar is to ensure that we are always the first in Thailand to deploy the most advanced technology to enhance the viewing experience, such as with our recently launched TrueVisions Anywhere service, which is Thailand’s first mobile pay TV service and which became the most downloaded application in May of this year.  

And our third pillar is to provide superior service to the subscriber, such as in the ‘24x7 All Day, Everyday’ call centre that we operate.

I am confident that the exclusive deal that we have signed with Disney today will be an important contributor to the success of TrueVisions.

Cr. Kanthicha Bunphokaew | Bangkok Public Relations Ltd.
Report by Natalie P.Srisutcharit, EBC News

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