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Mexico: Build Accurate Database of Disappeared

Protesters hold placards and photographs of disappeared relatives in Mexico City, in May 2012.

(Washington, DC) ­­­– The Mexican government should ensure that the process of developing a national database of the disappeared is thorough, efficient, and transparent, Human Rights Watch said today. Development of the database should be coupled with serious investigations to determine the fate of thousands of people who remain unaccounted for.


parliament NEPC urges soldiers along the border with the patience to keep the peace

 Heng Sam Rin Parliament NEPC chaired the parliament act to consider and approve the budget for the year 2013 and called for soldiers stationed along NEPC border.

Thailand is tolerated to maintain order to avoid a clash along the border of the two nations and urged Cambodia people keep calm to stabilize and peace in enhancing harmonious relations and friendship between the two countries getting closer.


DR Congo rebels call for ceasefire

M23 leader urges all fighters to immediately end hostilities as the country's army takes over their last stronghold.

Rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have called for a ceasefire days after government forces battling them in the country's east said they had driven them out of their last stronghold.


Ruling doesn't quell Thai-Cambodia border row

International Court of Justice delivers indecisive verdict amid rising nationalist fervor over disputed land.

Bangkok, Thailand - Hundreds of Thai villagers fled their homes along the border with Cambodia ahead of the International Court of Justice ruling on disputed territory - an issue that has turned deadly over the decades.


Burma’s Transition ‘Important for Global Democracy’

RANGOON — The head of a US-funded pro-democracy group says Burma is unlikely to revert to its authoritarian past, but that setbacks to the country’s democratization are inevitable as it shakes off 50 years of military rule.


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