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Battle of the Fortune Teller

According to the story circulating about the Burmese fortune teller, Yingluck must get into the Government House before the end of 19 February 2014.


Two anti-government demonstrators killed during CMPO's operation

ad News from PDRC

PDRC send this letter to Members of the Press:

Please find attached a picture of Supojana Boonrung (นายสุพจน์ บุญรุ่ง), a 52-year old anti-government demonstrator killed by a gunshot to the head at Saphan Phan Fah during CMPO's (Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order) retaking of the site today. He is one of two anti-government demonstrators killed during CMPO's operation on 18 Feb. 2014

Report by Natalie P.Sisutcharit{jcomments on}

Wanted Dead or Alive: Suthep Thaugsuban

Some another part of Michael Yon tell the world.....

[Due to time constraints, this is a one-pass writing with no edit. This is raw, based on audio of a conversation yesterday with Khun Suthep and Akanat. Please excuse any typos -- the information as offered to me is 100% accurate.]

We begin:

I spent yesterday morning speaking with Dr. Warong who is one of Thailand's leading rice experts, and then taxied over to talk with rice farmers who have converged on the Ministry of Commerce to demand the promised payment for their rice, or to receive their rice back so that they can sell it themselves. Yesterday, again, the farmers received no satisfaction.


Myanmar Conflict Alert: A Risky Census

Brussels, 12 February 2014

The nationwide census planned for 30 March to 10 April 2014 risks inflaming tensions at a critical moment in Myanmar’s peace process and democratic transition. The census process should be urgently amended to focus only on key demographic questions, postponing those which are needlessly antagonistic and divisive – on ethnicity, religion, citizenship status – to a more appropriate moment.


Thai Government find the way to step down

The situation at the Lak-si intersection has been calm.  Numbers of soldiers looked over this area since the night falls but it’s still not completely safe when the rumors that Ko-Tee would bring his people to take over this area.


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