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Terrorists Strike Women and Children in Bangkok

Michaeal Yon the writer from USA tell the world:-

- Bangkok :  2 killed, 22 wounded. I was at the site after the bomb. All the victims already were transported by the time I arrived. The bomb was small. The bomb did almost no property damage. It flattened tires on a tuk tuk and did some other minor damage.

It may have been a grenade. However, I did not see a crater in the road. Other grenades I have seen here left small craters in the roads. I do not know what it was. We must wait for EOD or the police to say.

One of the victims who died was just a young boy. The bomb exploded just in front of a roadside stall in a totally public place. The victims were as likely to be shoppers as protestors.

Ukraine president accuses opponents of coup

Ukraine President, who is believed to have travelled to eastern city, refuses to give into demands to resign.

Ukraine's embattled President Viktor Yanukovich has accused the opposition of staging a coup and has refused to give into demands to resign, according to AFP news agency.


Ukrainian parliament votes President Yanukovich out

Vote comes as Yanukovich flees Kiev, while protesters take over presidential office and private residence

Anti-government protesters ride in a truck as they mark a day of mourning for victims of the clashes in Ukraine, in Kiev, Feb. 22, 2014.

The Ukrainian parliament voted Saturday to dismiss embattled President Viktor Yanukovich and hold new elections on May 25.


Many protesters flock to switch mobile phone operator from AIS to other companies

"Many protesters flock to switch mobile phone operator from AIS to other companies after Suthep urges boycott of Shinawatra family products" MCOT English News @MCOT_Eng 12m

Note from Michael Yon: Behind the scenes I am seeing more than is being published. There is a full-on attack unfolding against any/all businesses known OR SUSPECTED to be dealing with interests owned by the Shinawatra family or their close associates.


A Simple Man scores a Major Win

Michael Yon, the writer from USA tell the world about Thai Farmer....

This is a difficult struggle to overthrow an enormously corrupt Thai government. The struggle is marked by a series of independent victories.

This afternoon I spent more than two hours with a well-known retired general discussing the matter, and then I spent more than three hours with farmers. All agree that Yingluck's days are growing shorter.


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