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See China Censoring American TV Coverage of Hong Kong Protests

China Censors Foreign Broadcasts About Hong Kong

Now you see it, now you don't. Chinese viewers of international television channels including CNBC, BBC and CNN are often being left in the dark as coverage of Hong Kong's “Umbrella Revolution” protests is censored by authorities.


Hong Kong Cops Warn Pro-Democracy Protesters of 'Serious Consequences'

HONG KONG - China issued a warning to pro-democracy "Umbrella Revolution" protesters as thousands of people filled Hong Kong's streets and surrounded government buildings on Thursday.


Sweden clarifies its position on the recognition of a Palestinian State

IDF fires on Lebanese soldiers who crossed the border into Israel

New information released on the rescue mission in Entebbe

The Swedish Embassy in Israel softened its position regarding the recognition of Palestinian statehood on Sunday, saying it favors peace negotiations to unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state.


A North Korean military renegade: "Kim Jong Un has been dismissed"

Kim Jong Un Reuters/Channel 2 News

The man, who was a NK intelligence service official told Dutch reporters over the weekend that the 31 year-old dictator was dismissed as early as one year ago by officials faithful to his father, and that he has been a puppet leader ever since Has the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un been dismissed of his duty?


After Confrontation With Obama: PM Strengthened

Netanyahu and Obama Channel 2 News/ Avi Achion

After Netanyahu’s UN speech, and a confrontation with the U.S. about the construction in Jerusalem, a Channel 2 News survey shows increased support for the prime minister. 55% of the public rated his performances as “good” and “very good”. Further poll: Who will be the next prime minister?


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