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From Strong Questions To Effective Decentralization in Burma

Civilian and military MPs leave a meeting at the Union Parliament in Naypyidaw on January 29, 2016. (Photo: Soe Zeya Tun / Reuters)

Burma is at a crossroads in its decentralization process. The National League for Democracy’s (NLD) election manifesto affirms that it will implement transparent projects for the balanced development of all 14 states and regions of the country. In an effort to reduce centralized financial control, the NLD vows to divide authority and responsibility for financial matters appropriately between Union and regional governments.


China accuses Japan of threatening Pacific peace with military law

China’s state-run Xinhua news agency accused Shinzo Abe (pictured) of abandoning Japan’s postwar constitution. Photograph: POOL/Reuters

Claims follows passing of law allowing Japanese troops to fight on foreign soil for first time since end of second world war

China has accused Japan’s “warlord” prime minister, Shinzo Abe, of threatening peace in the region, following the enactment on Tuesday of controversial laws allowing Japanese troops to fight on foreign soil for the first time since the end of the second world war.


'We must take MORE refugees' Now Angelina Jolie wades into 'SHAMEFUL' migrant crisis

Angelia Jolie called on world leaders to accept more refugees

ANGELINA Jolie has become the latest celebrity to wade into the migrant crisis – by branding the plight of Syrian refugees "shameful".

The millionaire actress yesterday hit out at governments for failing to show "leadership" to help end the Syrian civil war.

Speaking on the fifth anniversary of the bloody conflict, she called on world leaders to "understand how many refugees they can assist".


Watch: 5 years since the start of the civil war in Syria

Syria in ruins Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

Watch VDO: Five years of bloody civil war 

Exactly 5 years ago, hundreds of Arab-Spring-inspired protesters took to the streets of Daraa in southern Syria to protest against the Assad regime. Syrian security forces responded with gunfire – and the protests began to spread across the country, as did the violence. 5 years later, hundreds of thousand have died, millions have fled – and Syria’s future is shrouded in mist.


Donald Trump projected to win Illinois, North Carolina primaries Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has won his party’s primaries in the states of Illinois and North Carolina, US networks are projecting.

Trump's overwhelming victory in the Northern Mariana Islands marks the eighth state or U.S. territory where the New York billionaire has secured a majority of the available delegates, making him the only candidate to satisfy the RNC's little-known Rule 40(b). (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill, File)

Recounts in Missouri expected after narrow Trump, Clinton victories

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and billionaire Donald Trump appear to have won their respective primaries in Missouri Tuesday, but their victory margins are within the range that allows for a recount.

Clinton bested Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders by 0.24 percentage points with 100 percent of the vote in. Trump beat Texas Sen. Ted Cruz by 0.18 percentage points with 99.93 percent reporting.


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