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Indonesia holds two suspects over Myanmar embassy plot

Indonesian anti-terrorist police have detained two men suspected of planning a bomb attack on the Myanmar embassy in Jakarta on Friday in the wake of fresh violence against Muslims in Myanmar, officials said.

The suspects were arrested late on Thursday travelling by motorbike in a busy residential area in the south of the capital with five assembled pipe bombs, national police spokesman Boy Rafli Amar said in a statement.


Freedom House Calls on All Parties to Halt Violence Ahead of Malaysia’s Upcoming Elections

Freedom House condemns the intimidation and violence carried out by supporters of both the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) and opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalitions ahead of Malaysia’s general elections. As Malaysians prepare to cast their votes on May 5th,  in one of the most closely contested parliamentary elections to date , they do so against a backdrop of escalating intimidation and violence that undermines the peace and stability of the country.



Fellow Malaysians, Our country has been invaded by more than 200 HEAVILY ARMED MILITANTS. Our country's sovereignty is under threat for more than 1 week now. But look at how is it being handled by our BN government.    PM is busy with BRIM, KRIM, DRIM and all kinds of RIM. He is more concerned about holding on to power. He has become under-cover Santa Claus, throwing freebies in return for votes. He and his colleagues are still busy cooking Ponggal Rice and throwing crumbs at the Indians, who they themselves have finished their Ponggal Festival and got on to other work!


Amnesty International Calls for UN: Don’t waste historic chance for a lifesaving Arms Trade Treaty

The time has come for world leaders to address the poorly regulated global arms trade that fuels grave human rights abuses of tens of millions of people and claims countless lives each year, Amnesty International said today as the Final UN Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) opened in New York.


What a Member of Congress would to Ask President Obama?

President Obama has announced a new openness to meet with Republicans.


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