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Thailand Coup 2014 - Message to John Kerry and the World

Natalie P.Sisutcharit.../Report

.Homeless Man Gets A Home .

Homeless man Eric given his own home after a crowd funding effort. The heart-warming moment a homeless man is given the keys to his own house after good samaritans donate $44,000 via YouTube This is the heart-warming moment a homeless man is finally given a place of his own after a crowd funding effort saw enough money raised to give him a house. The man, named only as Eric, became an internet hit back in March after Youtube prankster, Magic of Rahat, surprised him with a ‘fake’ lottery ticket in Virginia. Rahat had actually put $1,000 behind the counter of a local store and instructed the assistant to give Eric the money when he presented the ticket. Cr.Dailymail

Natalie P.Sisutcharit.../Report

Democratic Dictatorship in Thailand .... Thailand Protest 2013

"WHAT IS THE DEMOCRACY?" Thailand political crisis 2013 is another example of Dictatorial Democracy countries in this world. This Dictatorship is run by Thaksin Regime and his sister's government, Yingluck Shinawatra Administration. Although they claimed that they came from election and people should have no rights to overthrow them, millions of massive Thai people disagreed and were out on the streets risking their lives as they could not stand them to corrupt the country anymore. Whether the peaceful protests of millions of people can overthrow a shameless government is remained to be seen. We fully support the bravery Thai people and hope Thailand can reset and reform before the next election. Natalie P.Sisutcharit.../Report

UNLAWFUL TRANSFER The Constitutional Court dismisses Yingluck and nine cabinet members from office

Constitution Court has ordered Prime
Minister Yingluck Shinnawatra to resign after finding an
abuse of using an unlawful power by transferring National Security Council 
Tawil Pliensri. Fake transfered ducument issued on Sunday.


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