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Suicide bomber kills six NATO soldiers in Afghanistan

Six NATO soldiers have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan. It happened near Bagram air base, as they patrolled with Afghan forces. Three other soldiers and three police officers were also wounded when the attacker, who was on a motorbike, detonated his explosives. The Taliban has claimed responsibility. NATO headquarters in Kabul confirmed the deaths and said three other Resolute Support soldiers were wounded, but did not confirm the nationalities of the casualties in accordance with its normal practice. International troops ended combat operations in Afghanistan last year. Bagram is one of the main bases for the 9,800 troops who remain in the country. The attack underline the Taliban’s ability to hit high-profile targets linked to the US-backed government, which is hoping to reopen the peace process – aimed at ending the 14-year insurgency. On Monday, Taliban forces in Helmand closed in on the district of Sangin as they tightened their grip on the volatile southern province. Cr.Euronews

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Watch: Miss Universe stripped of crown on stage after error

Miss Colombia, Miss Philippines, misinformed… Presenter Steve Harvey made the embarrassing mistake of announcing the wrong name as the winner of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant. Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo, was stripped of her crown — and of two wins in a row for her country — in place of Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, or Miss Philippines. It’s the first title for the island nation in over forty years. Former beauty queen Paula Correa comes from the same Colombian region as Arevalo. “We were happy because Ariadna marvellously represented all of us from Sucre and from Colombia. It all of a sudden went from a moment full of joy and excitement to a moment full of humiliation and sadness for us,” she said. It was the first contest since US presidential candidate Donald Trump — who until September, 2015, was a co-owner of the pageant — caused an outcry with disparaging remarks about Mexicans. Cr.Euro News/France24

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Russia open to cooperation with Europe

President Vladimir Putin says he is ready and willing to cooperate with Europe and other countries on matters of security, economy and politics. He made his comments in a documentary aired on the Russian state TV channel RTR. His stated willingness to work with others came despite criticisms he made he made about Europe’s relationship with the United States. “It seems to me, and if I’m wrong about this someone should tell me, that European countries are interested in working with Russia in economic and political matters as well as the fight against terrorism, resolving environmental problems and tackling organised crime. We’re ready for this work.” On Monday the European Union is due to decide whether to renew sanctions on Russia in the energy, banking and defence sectors until the end of July 2016. Relations between the West and Moscow have been strained recently over Russia’s actions in Ukraine and its support for Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. Cr.Euronews

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