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What It Looks Like When the World’s Politicians Come to Blows

Take a look at brawls between lawmakers from around the world. The chaotic brawls in Hong Kong’s legislature on Wednesday followed three weeks of disagreement between two newly-elected pro-independence lawmakers and their opponents in the Legislative Council. Scuffles broke out as guards attempted to remove one of the legislators, Sixtus “Baggio” Leung, who was defended by fellow pro-democracy colleagues. Hong Kong is not the only place where disagreements between lawmakers have erupted into scuffles. As TIME’s collection of footage above shows, similar fights have broken out in lawmaking bodies around the world. Direct Link: Cr.Time Natalie P.Sisutcharit.../Reports{jcomments on}

Breaking: Donald Trumps Rushed Off Stage in Reno

Clinton supporter taken into custody Secret Service agents rushed Donald Trump off the stage at a campaign event in Reno, Nevada, after a man was believed to have a gun. Cr. Natalie P.Sisutcharit.../Reports

VIDEO: Hillary Coughing Fit Returns During Short Speech To FL Campaign Workers

While Hillary Clinton spoke to campaign workers in South Florida on Saturday, her coughing fit returned She was giving brief remarks to volunteers prior to her appearance in Pembroke Pines. After putting an emphasis on Haitian Americans, Clinton said, “We really feel a sense of connection to Haiti and all of the challenges that Haiti has faced. “The continuing, terrible consequences of the weather, the earthquake in 2010, so I want to be a good partner with the people of Haiti,” she said. “And as I told Larry, I want to work with leaders of the Haitian American community to really see the best way to be that good partner. “There’s work to be done. More work than can be done by any one person alone,” she said, as she cleared her throat. “It kind of chokes me up,” she added, before turning to an aide behind her and coughing. “I care so much about doing this,” she said as her voice grew hoarse and she stood with her hands on her chest. “But I can’t do any of it unless I win. Let’s make it happen!” With that, she quickly ended her remarks in less than four minutes, turned her back to the cameras and coughed some more. Cr.Infowars

Natalie P.Sisutcharit.../Reports

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