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'Heartbroken' father cried after learning his daughter, 12, was pregnant by boy, 13

New record: A couple have become Britain's youngest parents after a girl aged 12 gave birth

A ‘heartbroken’ father today told of his shock after his 12-year-old daughter gave birth to her 13-year-old boyfriend's baby - making them Britain's youngest parents.

The unidentified girl had a daughter last weekend after conceiving when she was still at primary school. She was 11 then, and is now in Year 7 at school. Her boyfriend is in Year 9 at another school.


UN: Rights Council Records in Spotlight at ‘Votes Count’

(Geneva) – A new website, “Votes Count,” will shed much needed light on how member countries at the United Nations Human Rights Council respond to serious violations of human rights across the globe. The website will compile, analyze and expose the positions Human Rights Council members have taken on situations of human rights violations in particular countries.


UK threatens Russia with G8 expulsion

Britain has denounced Russia for its stance on the Ukrainian crisis, threatening to punish Moscow if it takes further steps in its western neighbor.

Speaking during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons on Wednesday, British premier David Cameron said the UK and its allies should permanently remove Russia from the Group of Eight (G8) developed nations unless Moscow gives in to the West’s pressure calling on Kremlin to drop a bid to embrace the Crimean region.


Chicago Train Derailment at O'Hare Airport Injures at Least 32

A commuter train derailed this morning at Chicago O'Hare International Airport, injuring dozens of passengers, officials said.

The eight-car train derailed around 2:55 a.m. as it was pulling into the O'Hare station. The train apparently failed to stop and jumped 10 feet off the rails, Chicago Fire Department Spokesman Larry Langford told ABC News.


Dramatic Moment When Woman Pulls Over to Give Nephew CPR

As her nephew started turning blue, Pamela Rauseo panicked.

She didn't want anything bad to happen to 5-month-old Sebastian de la Cruz, who was born premature and with respiratory issues. So Rauseo stopped her SUV along Miami's Dolphin Expressway on Thursday and screamed for help.


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