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US funds preservation of historic Mandalay monastery

The US government announced on Thursday that it is funding a two-year project that will help preserve Mandalay’s Shwe Nan Daw Kyaung Monastery, one of the city’s most historic buildings.
The US Ambassadors Fund for the Cultural Preservation will join hands with Burma’s Ministry of Culture to preserve the 19th century, traditional teak wooden building, also known as the Golden Palace, which was constructed during the reign of King Mindon.


The lady, hirsute and on horseback

Mounting a mustachioed, armor-plated Aung San Suu Kyi on the back of a white horse isn’t meant to be subversive or satirical, says artist Myat Kyawt.
“She has huge responsibility now, not like when she was a dissident,” says the Mandalay-born painter, standing beside his double-take-inducing rendering of a famous old hagiography of Gen Maha Bandoola, who led the Burmese army against the invading British during the first Anglo-Burmese War.


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